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Ideal for you if you:

need an apartment in Paris,

 need help with the application folder,

urgently need a French bank account,

 want to overcome language barriers,

 want someone to accompany you to appointments or

 cannot be in Paris for the search and

 don't want to waste time and money!

Rely on experience

Paris is one of the most expensive cities in the world, but also one of the most beautiful - and attracts countless people for private or professional reasons.

So, it's no surprise that the search for an apartment can take months and involve a lot of effort. This is also because the sharing economy makes housing even more scarce, and competition for viewings is high, especially for small, "affordable" apartments. A quick reaction is required, and finally, the selection process is complicated, especially where foreigners with incomplete and missing French documents are at a disadvantage.

Tips on how to find an apartment or a house in Paris abound on the internet. But such advice does not always lead to the desired result, especially if you cannot be on-site: That's what I'm here for!

Apartment search in Paris - Gate to Paris Relocation

Your 5 big advantages of working with me

1. you save time and find an apartment

2. you don't have to be in Paris to visit apartments

3. you don't have to search yourself

4. you don't need to deal with agencies and landlords

5. you get comprehensive advice

The apartment search process

Pixabay / La Belle Galerie
Discussion of your wishes and coordination of the house hunting
Overview housing market
Recommendations on Paris arrondissements or suburbs
Support in the preparation and optimisation of your application folder
Apartment search
Research and proposals based on your criteria
Scheduling appointments
Arrangement of viewings in suitable apartments
Housing visits
Personal accompaniment in the desired apartments
Housing visits
(in absence)
Visit apartments during your absence and follow-up
Submit your documents and communicate with the landlord

What you can expect

As a relocation consultant, I am not an estate agent and therefore not bound by contracts to sell specific properties. My services are appreciated by people who want me to do the housing search for them. This means that you do not need to visit all the properties from which an apartment has to be chosen within an extremely short period of time, but you receive various suggestions from me within about two weeks.

It is undoubtedly useful, when there is an acute lack of time, to rely on the strategy of many relocation agencies and to work through visits in one or two days - but then the impressions often become blurred.

I am much more flexible during the research that can be adjusted during the process.

The search is tailored exactly to your wishes and special situation. I am happy to accompany you on appointments, otherwise I take over all relevant steps for you, e.g., during your absence. Viewings and the handing over of the apartment are exclusively shown on an appointment basis for a high degree of flexibility.

Last but not least, you are not just a transaction number with me, because I value personal service!

I am happy about the feedback from my clients

Because the weak dossier with foreign documents was nevertheless convincingly "sold" to find a new home.

Because their heart's desire to find an apartment near their workplace with a proper kitchen instead of a kitchenette could be fulfilled.

Because the furnished apartment is very tastefully decorated, and the balcony view of Sacré-Cœur brightens their evenings.

Because it was easier for them to get a French bank account and obtain household insurance without going through an exhaustive search.

I would be happy to accompany you on your personal journey!

What distinguishes me

Since 2019, I have been supporting people who want to move to Paris or one of its suburbs. In the meantime, I have assisted clients from several countries - including Germany, Austria, Australia, and the USA. These have different requirements for their new place of living in their respective situations and have relied on my expertise.

I focus on your wishes so that you find an apartment that suits you. The house hunting in Paris is nerve-racking and time-consuming: this is exactly where I come in, so that you can go through this process in a much more relaxed way. For your investment, you can count on me to take the most time-consuming steps off your hands and consistently pursue your goal so that you can move in as soon as possible.

Without question, you can organise everything yourself - but if you have better plans for your time, I am your perfect contact! Moreover, I also see many things through the eyes of a newcomer and can understand your expectations and impressions much better.

You will appreciate my offer and the result - for a shorter apartment search and a better quality of life!

Apartment search in Paris - Gate to Paris Relocation

Get your offer now!

 Save precious time and enjoy a much more relaxed search.

Gain expert assistance with all the important steps during your search.

Don't even argue with landlords, delegate the communication.

Find your dream Paris apartment much easier!

Do you still have questions?

There are virtual 3D online tours, why should I book you?

Of course, there are now many virtual apartment tours that almost perfectly replicate a real walk-through. This is a wonderful tool especially for searchers who cannot be on site.

However, it is a bit like dating websites: the best features are highlighted. Mould or building defects can be air-brushed away, a musty smell or a noisy traffic road behind the house do not stand out. For this reason, a real viewing makes sense, where I can represent or accompany you on site.

How does the apartment search work?

After the contract has been signed, you will receive a detailed questionnaire from me in which you can determine all the requirements for the desired apartment. Based on this, I start researching and recommend suitable properties where viewing appointments are possible. Depending on your personal situation, we will make these appointments together or I will represent you if you cannot be in Paris.

As soon as you are successful in your bid, I will go through the rental contract for you and coordinate the handover of the apartment with the responsible agency or the landlord. If you wish, I can also take care of other obligatory steps, such as taking out household insurance and the contract with a utility provider.

How much does it cost to find an apartment?

A simple question to which there is a simple answer: It depends on your wishes.

I offer tailor-made packages, the scope of which can vary. As is well known, it is a time-consuming and labour-intensive process that requires good preparation and organisation.

This means that you will not receive a mediocre service, but rather comprehensive support to achieve your goal and successfully complete the house hunting.

I would be happy to provide you with a concrete offer today!

When should I contact you about finding an apartment?

It is optimal to plan your apartment search with sufficient advance notice and contact me a few weeks before you plan to move.

 How long does the apartment search take?

This depends on several factors, e.g., the current supply on the housing market, your dossier, the requirements you have for your new home, your availability for viewings on site and the budget you are planning for the rent.

Experience shows that the search takes about one to two weeks and that 4-7 viewings lead to a rental contract.

If you cannot be in Paris yourself - how does the long-distance apartment search work?

Based on your wishes, I will start researching and send you suitable proposals that I would visit for you. During the appointment, you can accompany me via video telephony to get your own impression; in addition, I will provide you with picture and video material.

If an apartment appeals to you, I will follow up on the allocation and inform you of the landlord's decision.

How much time is available to decide on an apartment?

The agony of choice... It happens that clients receive acceptances for several apartments for which they have applied. However, this is not the normal case. Many dossiers I look after are incomplete or not very solid, for example because the probationary period has not yet expired, or the net income does not meet the requirement of being three times the rent plus utilities.

In this case, it is advisable to check the most important requirements for the apartment and to accept immediately if they are fulfilled. Especially when time pressure and a suboptimal dossier play a role, the saying "Better a bird in the hand than one in the bush" proves true.

Landlords usually expect a prompt response.

What if no suitable apartment is found?

Throughout the process, I keep you informed of progress. All of my clients have found a wonderful apartment in Paris within a short time. If problems arise, we can work together on how to proceed and to what extent the search can be extended.

Further information is available in the FAQ.

I am here for you