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Frequently asked questions

Gate to Paris Relocation - FAQ

General information

What is “Gate to Paris“?

“Gate to Paris“ was created in 2019 - as a reference to the Arc de Triomphe - and bundles relocation services in Paris.

For many people, especially expatriates, a change of residence can be stressful, e.g., due to the time pressure before starting a job and many tasks at the old and new place of residence. This is where my service comes in, to make your apartment search easier, to avoid a time-consuming search for information, to offer you orientation in the initial period including recommendations for everyday life, and much more.

If you cannot come to Paris to view apartments for reasons of time, the apartment search can be carried out at a distance with my support.

What is offered and for whom?

“Gate to Paris“ offer a solution to suit your personal situation. If you are looking for an apartment, want to find your way around the city quickly, need assistance with administrative formalities or want recommendations on restaurants, doctors, language courses, leisure activities, and much more.

In addition to companies, private individuals can also book services which save time and money. My status as an entrepreneur allows me to avoid VAT, so my service is less expensive for clients.

German speaking clients especially appreciate my relocation services in Paris. It goes without saying that my services are available to every customer if we can communicate in German, English, or French.

If you need support with visa/entry formalities or with your job search, I recommend one of my many colleagues in Paris who can assist you.

How much does the service cost?

Costs depend on the specific request and the underlying preferences. Please contact me directly for an exact statement and a non-binding offer.

In the case of apartment search, my fee does not include expenses that may be incurred in a successful search. Those can be agency fees, costs for handing over the apartment and deposit, which the tenant has to pay directly to the real estate agency or the landlord.

Can individual services also be booked or bundled?

Yes, individual services can be put together according to your requirements.

What are the terms of payment?

Payments can be made by bank transfer. Generally, I request an advance payment based on the scope of the assignment.

You will receive the general terms and conditions at the same time as the offer.


WELCOME Service - Orientation

How can "Gate to Paris" help for a first orientation in Paris?

You will receive a comprehensive welcome folder containing numerous tips and recommendations. These include information about public transport, doctors, shopping facilities for different needs and much more, so that you can quickly familiarize yourself to everyday life in Paris without having to do extensive research.

In addition, I am available to answer your questions by telephone and via common media.

How long can support services be booked for?

Duration of support depends on your needs and preferences. Some clients only want short-term support in the first 1 or 2 weeks, others feel more comfortable having a contact person in Paris for different months.

My French is not so good - can appointments with third parties be arranged for me?

Whether you want a hairdresser appointment or need an artisan, I will be happy to arrange an appointment for you.


HOME Service - Apartment search

Why is it easier to find an apartment with "Gate to Paris"?

After many years in Paris, I know its arrondissements and peculiarities very well. I have lived in various districts as well as the suburbs and have gained a lot of expertise in finding an apartment.

Often clients need to find apartment quickly. To help eliminate the stress for you, I can check your application folder to make sure all the required documents have been properly completed, arrange viewings, and submit offers on your behalf if you are not in Paris. I can also help you rent a temporary apartment until you find a permanent home.

Although requirements such as guarantors and a French bank account are often problematic for international clients, experience has shown that it helps immensely to have a professional guide help in the apartment search to win the bid. The "VIP factor" exists and quickly puts the expenses for your personal relocation agent into perspective.

When should I contact you regarding the apartment search?

While I can help clients at any time, it's best to contact me 6-8 weeks before you plan to move.

How does the apartment search work?

After signing the contract, you will receive a detailed questionnaire. In this questionnaire you can express all your wishes regarding your desired domicile. Based on your preferences, I will search in the individual arrondissements, and contact the landlords or agencies to arrange viewing appointments - either together with you or on your behalf if you are unable to attend.

Feel also free to give me an apartment ad or a direct contact that you want me to follow up.

How long does the apartment search generally take?

This depends on your requirements for the new apartment, the current offer, your availability (in the case of accompanied visits on site) and, above all, the budget you are planning for the rent.

In general, I will introduce you to several properties, whereby up to 7 viewings are planned. Your documents will be forwarded, and the awarding of the contract will be awaited.

I cannot be in Paris myself - how does the apartment search work at a distance?

After you have filled out the questionnaire to define your wishes for your new domicile, the research will be coordinated together. This means that you must also decide whether you would like to view the apartments before I make an appointment. Furthermore, I will send your application folder to the relevant authorities and will always keep you up to date.

Nowadays, it is also very easy to “accompany“ me during an inspection via Skype, WhatsApp etc., if your time allows.

How long is there time to decide on an apartment?

Usually there is not much time to decide after a commitment. If the apartment meets your requirements in important points, you should give the landlord a positive answer.

But what if you could perhaps rent another one and would like to think about it a little more? Again, a short-term answer is expected, and the luxury of time is only offered when other commitments are almost certain, and the deadline pressure is not too high.

What if I don't like any of the presented/visited apartments?

Since the research is based on your preferences specified in initial questionnaire, please let me know immediately if you don’t like any of the apartments I have identified (e.g., what disturbed you about the properties? What was missing? And was there possibly no willingness to compromise?).

Especially in a housing market like Paris, it is difficult to meet all preferences. Quite a few people overestimate their budget and what can be rent for it. Furthermore, despite high rents, the condition of many apartments leaves a lot to be desired (e.g., badly laid pipes or draughty windows).

If no apartment meets your requirements, we will agree at short notice whether the search can be adjusted and to what extent further inspections can be carried out and in which framework.

Do I have to pay if I find an apartment myself while "Gate to Paris" is working for me?

However, as I have been commissioned to do exactly this work for you, you cannot act yourself during the defined period. Otherwise, the full amount is due.

Why do I need to make an advance payment?

The initial payment not only validates your sincere interest in the project but also enables me to kick-start the work promptly. Numerous services require a substantial investment of time and effort.

Gate to Paris Relocation - FAQ

General tips for finding an apartment in Paris

How much does an apartment in Paris cost?

There is no general answer to this question. Even shared rooms or small apartments can be very expensive, so that 1,000 € for unfurnished 25-30 sqm are not uncommon.

It would be a miracle to stumble upon a landlord in Paris who rents out a studio for 500 € “intra muros“ that also offers adequate living space. But the sky is the limit, especially if you are looking for a studio in trendy districts like Montmartre or Saint-Germain-des-Prés.

Why is it so difficult to find an apartment in Paris?

As Paris is one of the most famous and popular European cities, the demand is correspondingly high. In addition, providers such as Airbnb exacerbate the situation on the housing market when thousands of apartments are no longer available for "normal" tenancies, thus reducing supply.

Furthermore, the requirements for the application folder represent a major hurdle. Not everyone can show a permanent employment contract, or a domestic guarantor.

Not to mention the various scams that you can encounter as a foreigner.

In which months should one go looking for an apartment in Paris?

It's always challenging to find an apartment in Paris no matter what time of year. Especially in summer, when many students are looking for a place to stay, one-room apartments are rare, and it is not uncommon to have to stand in line for visits.

Finding an apartment is a bit easier in spring and winter, but the effort can always vary.

When should one start looking for an apartment in Paris?

At least four weeks in advance - after all, you want to find something and have time to move and hand over the apartment.

It is more advisable to start earlier rather than later. However, everyone has to decide whether the financial double burden of overlapping tenancy agreements weighs more than the stress just before starting university or a job, when no apartment is in sight.

How long does it generally take to find an apartment in Paris?

As a private person, I can say from my own experience that the search can take between a few days to a few months. However, a long search phase usually occurs when there is not much time for viewing and the search is constantly interrupted by other commitments. Also, of course the budget for the rent is an important factor.

How do I find an apartment in Paris and what is the best way to proceed?

Before you start your search, write down wishes and relevant variables such as the amount of rent and consider where you’ll be willing to compromise: Does it have to be the 16th district? A balcony? Or an elevator leading to the second floor? Mark some requirements that are essential, but above all, it is important to adjust your own expectations: you will not find a 60 sqm apartment in the centre of Paris for 800 €.

There are different suggestions as to when it is best to start looking for an apartment. Many people prefer to start only a few weeks before a moving date, others prefer to start earlier. Even if this means that for a certain period the old and new apartment will have to be paid at the same time. As long as this double burden is financially possible, it is advantageous to start earlier rather than later, especially in a housing market like Paris.

Before the first telephone call, put together a meaningful application folder (= dossier, detailed below). This dossier should be available from the moment you start your search; although, in most cases, it is sufficient to have scanned all the necessary documents so that you can email them to the relevant agency or landlord.

Some useful housing portals are Seloger.com, Logic-Immo.com, PAP.fr, or Jinka, for example.

It is also advisable to make ample use of the apps of the various providers. Set up a search in which budget, place of residence, etc. are defined and react quickly to push news or newsletters when an offer appeals to you.

Most of the time, it is more advisable to pick up the phone than to leave an e-mail. It is easier to arrange visits and to get important key information. I recommend asking whether a guarantor is necessary or whether the landlord insists on a so-called “assurance loyer impayé“. In this case, prospective tenants without a permanent employment contract ("CDI") and self-employed persons with a manageable income can directly save an appointment for viewing - they have no chance of a rental contract in this case.

Be punctual for viewings, don't expect too much, but also don't let yourself be unsettled. It is not uncommon to enter a property and feel unhappy immediately. So, unless there is absolute urgency to obtain housing quickly, it is better to wait and view a few more options.

In summary: Be realistic, start on time, and send in your application folder for several offers. Persistence and friendliness also pay off in Paris.

In my blog you will find 17 tips for finding an apartment in Paris.

Are there any “shortcuts“ in finding an apartment in Paris?

There are said to be people who have found an apartment at very short notice through classified advertisements on light posts. Or have a nice French neighbour who spontaneously had something to rent. But unfortunately, the usual route is rather arduous.

But of course, my HOME Service is a possibility to help you to find a domicile in Paris in a much less stressful way!

Which districts of Paris are best suited for finding an apartment?

Paris offers something for every taste in its 20 arrondissements. In this respect, it is difficult to speak of the “best districts“. A lot depends on personal preference. Do you like it a bit livelier? Do you prefer quiet residential areas? Or do you prefer more classic Haussmann style?

Each arrondissement has its pros and cons. There is so much to discover, and it is often a good idea to look through advertisements all over Paris. You will be surprised how quickly plans can change!

Which arrondissements in Paris are to be avoided?

Basically, in Paris as in any other place, you should have a healthy dose of common sense. A confident manner and the knowledge not to venture into dark, lonely corners alone at night is advisable. But even the somewhat despicable corner around Barbès-Rochechouart/Pigalle is far from being a no-go area in Paris.

It is neither necessary to develop paranoid traits nor to be afraid of contact: Paris is a wonderful city where nothing more or less happens than in other big cities.

What portals are there for finding accommodation in Paris?

You can find housing advertisements on Seloger.com, Bienici.com, Logic-Immo.com or Avendrealouer.fr. Private individuals often advertise on Pap.fr and Leboncoin.fr.

Set up a search in many places, activate notification alerts and use the push functions of the apps.


The dossier

What is a dossier?

A dossier is an application folder for housing agencies and landlords to assess the creditworthiness of interested parties.

What should the application folder contain in order to find an apartment in Paris?

Several documents are required to present a meaningful dossier for an apartment. These depend on the personal situation you are in.

A typical dossier contains not only identification documents, but also information about the employment. Sometimes a completed questionnaire is also requested.

Basic documents that almost every applicant (without inheritance of millions) should bring along:

Copy of the identity card or passport
Proof of current address
The last 3 rental documents or confirmation that you are a home owner
Last tax notice

Additionally, important for employees:

Copy of the employment contract
Proof of income: The last 3 salary statements

Important for self-employed:

Proof of self-employment (e.g., business registration)
Proof of income: The last 2 balance sheets or proof of financial resources

Important for pensioners:

Pension evidence
Proof of income: The last 3 pension payments

Important for students:

Certificate of registration
Copy of student ID

What documents must the guarantor submit?

Depending on the personal situation, guarantors also must provide the same documents mentioned above to prove their financial situation.

Nevertheless, landlords are increasingly taking out insurance against loss of rental income (“assurance loyer impayé“), making a classic guarantee superfluous. Looking for an apartment without proof of income or a permanent employment contract can be an obstacle to obtaining a lease.

Can non-French guarantors or information be presented in the dossier?

Of course, it is possible, but it often reduces the chances.

Many landlords and housing companies focus on risk minimization and want to have as little effort as possible when reviewing the incoming application folders. Above all, there is the desire to be covered in case of payment defaults, but unfortunately not every landlord is tolerant enough to accept non-French-dossiers.

Do all documents have to be translated into French?

The question is often raised as to which official documents need to be translated into French. If you want to take the trouble to have foreign contracts and confirmations translated in their entirety, you are free to do so.

However, as long as a landlord is able to grasp the content by means of a few additional comments on the document, this is usually sufficient. As is often the case, the impression you make at a viewing appointment and the entirety of the documents also count. Nevertheless, it is again true that foreigners do not have an easy time with a dossier that deviates from the norm - as long as you do not have a very high income and financial securities that can more easily open doors for them.

Does “Gate to Paris“ offer support with the dossier?

I will be happy to help you with advice and assistance. Please contact me if you have any questions regarding your dossier.

This option is also available to you independently of any assignment for finding accommodation or other services.