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Gate to Paris Relocation - HOME Service

Perhaps your life looks like this right now:

A new job in Paris is calling and the anticipation is great. You would like to look for an apartment in Paris on the internet right away, but you don't have the time, nor are you on site for viewings yet.

You plan to rent an Airbnb for the first few weeks, from which you can start your search after your working day ends.

An obvious thought! But the search is much more difficult in the evenings, and work and other commitments severely limit your time during the week. That leaves weekends, but leaves you at a disadvantage in a competitive rental market.

Another possibility: A trip to Paris to try to find something quickly. But that is expensive, and you may not be happy with the results.

My suggestion:

Save yourself the money for an expensive temporary apartment and the stress of house hunting - invest your money more pleasantly and move into your own Paris apartment much faster!


Gate to Paris Relocation - WELCOME Service

Language problems and little desire for dealing with contracts in French and the local bureaucracy?

Paris can be so beautiful - and so incredibly nerve-racking when it comes to organising your new place of residence.

What a lot of things have to be taken care of: A bank account is needed, a French mobile phone contract, household insurance, and of course various other important contracts. Not to mention health insurance, which sometimes takes months to apply for!

It could all be so much easier, but there was no time for a language course either …

My suggestion:

Let's get rid of the daily chores together and simply delegate organisational matters!

Ask for my service catalog - one click is all it takes!

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