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Your relocation service in Paris!

I am pleased to support you with the following offers to avoid stress and hassles.

Package "Welcome"

Ideal for you, if you

  • are looking for an orientation to the city,
  • wish for useful information about living in Paris,
  • want to master everyday requirements despite language barriers,
  • wish to have a contact person who can explain

What you get:

Pixabay/Alina Zienowicz
Orientation day “Look & See“
Discover Paris: Selected parts of the city, your new district, the public transport, etc. rounded off with a meal in a classic brasserie
Personal welcome folder
Provide information and tips for everyday life, including shopping, restaurants, multilingual doctors, banks, post office, hardware stores, gyms, emergency assistance and much more
Recommendation of service providers
Help select an appropriate internet provider, electricity provider, domestic help and others
Documents and contract formalities
Help with the translation and understanding important documents as well as assistance with opening a bank account, getting insurance, etc.
Scheduling appointments
Hairdresser, restaurant, furniture delivery or doctor's appointment: Especially at the beginning a contact person can help to avoid language hurdles
Support in case of an emergency
Contacting the plumber, the landlord, the car service station or other cases, if necessary
Language course (optional)
Assistance in finding a suitable language course and in taking care of all registration formalities
Child care (optional)
Help in finding a kindergarten, school or a nanny
Accompanied start
Just a call away - I will be there for you in the initial phase to help make your transition easier!

Package "Home"

Ideal for you, if

  • you do not have a flat in Paris yet,
  • you don't have time for the apartment search,
  • you want support for your documents for the landlord,
  • language hurdles could complicate visits and understanding important agreements,
  • you wish an accompaniment to appointments or
  • cannot be on site and
  • you don't like to waste time & money

What you get:

Pixabay/La Belle Galerie
First exchange and discuss your situation
Overview housing market
Hints and concrete suggestions for the Parisian disctricts
Support in the creation of the housing search dossier
Object recommendations
Analyse of your wishes and research based on your criteria
Scheduling appointments
Arrange of visits with landlord/real estate agency
Housing visits (accompanied)
Pickup and personal accompaniment on all appointments
Housing visits (autonomous)
Visit flats during your absence and follow-up
Submit your documents and communicate with rental office

Package "Goodbye"

Ideal for you, if you

  • like to delegate time-consuming tasks before you leave,
  • do not want to worry about paperwork and notices of cancellation,
  • wish for help in taking care of appointments,
  • need assistance returning the house key

What you get:

First exchange and coordination of necessities
Finding a suitable moving company
Obtaining up to four cost estimates including commission
Organising the move-out day
Scheduling a move-out date and talking about the necessary preparation
Termination of the apartment
Setting up the notice of termination and transmission to the landlord or agency
Termination of all necessary contracts
Insurance, bank, internet, electricity, domestic help, etc. Transmission of all relevant letters to the responsible persons and authorities
Key delivery
Finding an appointment and accompaniment at the handover on request
Recovery of the deposit
Transmission of the letter and taking care of a possible outstanding repayment
Contacting the tax office (optional)
On request, informing the tax office about the change of address regarding residential tax (useful when moving abroad)
Disenrolling/Cancellations (optional)
On request, disenrolling in school, daycare, language course, etc.
Change of address order (optional)
On request, set up a forwarding request to your new address

Still undecided? Surely you can do everything on your own: But I'm the right choice if you have not got a flat just before the job starts, the uncertainty is high and too much valuable time is spent on Google.

Enjoy the following advantages:

  • I know what's bothering you, I've experienced these problems - you're not just talking to agency staff
  • You do not run into all the obstacles that Paris puts in your way, because you can look to several years of experience
  • Look forward to delegate the search for accommodation and negotiations in French
  • You are not alone: We will “discover“ Paris and I am your contact person in the first time after your arrival

As a company you benefit from:

  • Motivated new employees who can concentrate more on their job
  • Higher productivity and reduced absenteeism
  • Lower costs with my Paris relocation service
  • Attractive reputation, as employees are given a head start at the new location

Successful in Paris from the beginning - I look forward to hearing from you!

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