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Ideal for you if you need:

 useful information about life in Paris,

to deal with everyday requirements despite language barriers,

someone to accompany you to appointments or to call for you,

 to make contracts and insurances more easily,

 a social security number, the Carte Vitale or a Mutuelle,

 a contact person who explains documents in an understandable way, and

someone at your side who will be there for you in the initial period!

Rely on experience

I have lived in Paris for many years and know the city very well. Of course, I will be happy to tell you the best way to get from the Opera to the Eiffel Tower. But apart from tourist attractions, I am particularly known for making your everyday life in Paris easier: whether it's making appointments, recommendations for service providers, translations for better understanding, organisational matters, and many other tips.

In the beginning or in everyday life: save time with my support and enjoy your life in Paris!


Making everyday life in Paris easier - Gate to Paris Relocation

Your advantages of working with me

1. You delegate unpleasant issues for less stress.

2. You don't waste time on time-consuming research.

3. You will never again have to postpone phone calls because of language barriers.

4. You can forget about time-consuming communication with the local bureaucracy.

5. You benefit from personal advice on the spot.

What I can do for you - and much more

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Making appointments
Whether it's a hairdresser, a visit to a restaurant, furniture delivery or a doctor's appointment: simply forget about language barriers and have appointments made for you.
Recommendation of service providers
Selection of a suitable internet or mobile phone provider, electricity supplier, personal coach, language course, etc.
Documents and contracts
Help with understanding French documents as well as support with opening a bank account and registration formalities for other contracts
Health insurance and Mutuelle
Application for the national insurance number and the Carte Vitale - on request, clarification of a suitable supplementary health insurance (Mutuelle)
Support in case of an emergency
If necessary, contacting the plumber, landlord, car repair shop, etc.
Other enquiries
Support by phone, e-mail or chat for further issues and requests - for fewer worries
Personal welcome folder
Extensive everyday tips and information on local transport, hospitals, emergency assistance, shopping facilities, DIY stores, restaurants, etc.

My clients are happy

Because they can communicate with the authorities despite language problems.

Because they finally have health insurance in France.

Because they are relieved of tedious processes.

I would be happy to support you as well - for a more relaxed everyday life in Paris!

Do you have any questions?

Your French is not so good - can appointments with third parties be arranged for you every now and then?

Whether you want a hairdresser's appointment or need a handyman: I will be happy to make any appointment for you by arrangement.

Are there service packages or how is the billing done?

This depends on the situation. In certain cases, I can offer a fixed price. Other services, such as assistance with taking out health insurance, are charged based on an hourly rate.

Orientation in Paris - Gate to Paris Relocation

How can "Gate to Paris" help for a first orientation in Paris?

On the one hand, a comprehensive welcome folder is available to you, in which many tips and recommendations are bundled together. This includes information on public transport, doctors, shopping facilities for a wide range of needs, and much more, so that you can get to grips with (new) everyday life in Paris quickly and without time-consuming research.

On the other hand, you can reach out to me if you have any questions.

Further information is available in the FAQ.

I am here for you