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Finally! Extension of Metro Line 14 to Orly Airport

Release: June 2024

The extension of metro line 14 to Orly

On June 24, 2024, the extension of Paris Metro Line 14 was inaugurated with great fanfare and enthusiasm from travelers (I was personally more than happy). This significant line now directly connects Orly Airport with the center of Paris, bringing numerous benefits, as it promises to noticeably ease daily commuting and facilitate travel for anyone frequenting the southern Parisian airport.

Benefits of the Extension

The new route of Line 14 now stretches from Saint-Denis Pleyel in the north to Orly Airport in the south, offering a fast and efficient connection through the city. Important stations such as Gare de Lyon, Châtelet, and Saint-Lazare are still served. The total travel time between the end stations is about 40 minutes, which is a significant time saving compared to previous transportation options.

Additionally, the extension improves the availability and reliability of public transportation in Paris. Line 14, known for its automated operation and high frequency, eases the burden on heavily used lines like Line 13 and significantly increases overall transport capacity. This is particularly important considering the expected passenger numbers of up to one million trips per day by the time of the Olympic Games. Here, you can find more tips on using Metro & Co. during this time.

Another highlight: since Orly Airport is now finally directly accessible by Metro, this reduces the need to transfer to the OrlyBus or OrlyVal, making travel much more comfortable. Many people can now come directly to the city or reach the airport without worrying about additional transfers.

Prices and Tickets

The ticket prices for rides on Line 14 include a surcharge for the route to Orly Airport. A single ticket currently costs 10.30 euros. This new pricing takes into account the longer route and, of course, the added convenience of direct access to the airport, which is in a different zone than Paris.

Note: Tickets are now only available in dematerialized form via the Navigo Pass or on a smartphone. The (still) valid paper tickets in Paris are not accepted and cannot be purchased at the airport.

The regular fares of the Paris Metro network remain unchanged for other sections of Line 14.

Line 14 impresses not only with its speed but also with its high frequency. During peak hours, trains run every 85 seconds, significantly reducing waiting times and ensuring that this line is one of the most efficient and best-timed metro lines in Paris. Even outside peak hours, the frequency is only a few minutes.

Personal Assessment

I arrived at Orly from Berlin on Monday evening, just in time for the inauguration, and since my flight was delayed, I was really glad not to have to squeeze into the OrlyBus to Denfert-Rochereau. And that during the hot summer period.

The new access to the Metro is located in Orly Terminal 3, which is within walking distance at this airport. Everything is new, super clean, and several agents from RATP, the Paris transport operator, answered travelers' questions.

Verlängerung Metro 14 bis Orly

This way - Departure in Terminal 3


Extension of Metro Line 14 to Orly

Entrance to Metro 14 at the airport


Extension of Metro Line 14 to Orly

It can get significantly fuller during the day


Extension of Metro Line 14 to Orly

Serge, the Paris Metro rabbit, has been warning of dangers at the doors since 1977 - here too


Extension of Metro Line 14 to Orly

Citymapper is up to date


While still in Berlin, I loaded my Navigo Pass with a weekly ticket that covers zones 1-5, including Paris and the surrounding areas. This makes all airports accessible, and I could directly pass through the automated checkpoints to access the Metro towards Saint-Denis Pleyel. In automated metros like the 1, 4, or 14, it’s particularly fun (not just for children ) to ride at the front or back and watch the tunnels go by.

After about 30 minutes, I arrived at my station, Pont Cardinet, and that personally means a tremendous time saving for me. Even if you need to transfer in Paris - with the aforementioned stations like Châtelet or Saint-Lazare, all travelers can quickly get from A to B.

I am very satisfied because the extension of Metro Line 14 to Orly Airport marks an important milestone for public transport in Paris. It offers faster connections, eases crowded lines, and improves the overall experience for commuters and travelers alike.

Perhaps one day Roissy Airport will be connected as well - but for now, a big thank you to all the responsible parties and tunnel builders! With this project, the vision of the Grand Paris Express is further taking shape.

Extension of Metro Line 14 to Orly

Paris loves you ... and with the extension of Metro 14 even more.


Further information on the new route can be found at RATP.