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Sport in your new place: Tips from a personal coach in Paris!

Release: May 2021

Interview with Jérôme Delaigues

For many people, it is important to do sports in their free time. Especially in an unfamiliar environment, it's good to do something for yourself - not least, you get to know your new place of residence, Paris or its suburbs, much better while jogging or cycling.

He didn´t tell me where the nearest bakery is, but personal coach Jérôme Delaigues ( website, Facebook and Instagram) has a few tips for all sports-minded expats and Parisians by choice!

Jérôme has been a fitness coach in the Paris metropolitan area for several years and is extremely dedicated to his sports-loving clientele. He was kind enough to tell me about his experiences and where to go for good exercise in Paris.

Hello Jérôme, please introduce yourself!

I´m 40 years old and originally from the centre of France, from a village in the Sologne region between Orléans and Bourges. I work as a self-employed fitness trainer and sports instructor and I also take care of the so-called reathletisation, so that people, e.g. after an injury, can regain their original physical abilities.

How long have you been working as a personal trainer and how did it come about?

I have now been working as a personal trainer in Paris for 12 years. Before that, I was a police officer with the Brigade Fluviale de Paris and to improve my income a bit, I decided at some point to join a sports coaching agency.

In general, I am a big sports fan and once actively practised judo and jiu jitsu, as well as playing football and tennis.

Personal coach Jérôme Délaigues

Always sporty: personal coach Jérôme Delaigues

You are active in the Paris area: What do you recommend to people who are looking for a personal coach and what should they look for before choosing someone?

Personal trainers can be found by doing a Google search and for example on  Superprof. Furthermore, it helps to get an impression on social networks, because many coaches present their programmes online and you can also find out whether you like the person.

In addition, you should also make sure that a reputable coach carries out tests in order to individualise the work. Empathy and also a network in the medical field are advantageous in order to optimally support affected clients in case of lumbago or diastasis. 

There are many professional centres in the Paris area where training can be carried out under professional supervision, for example the  Centre Vitruve in the 16th district or  Mon Stade in the 13th district. In these, there is optimal care due to the medical profession, as osteopaths, physiotherapists and other professionals are also on site.

How do you feel about the situation in the past months during the lockdown due to the Covid pandemic?

You hear it all the time that the health of Parisians has deteriorated, with depression and weight gain playing a clear role. Many people, of course, want to continue exercising, but beyond the need to be physically active, they are also looking for social connections.

What is your impression: do Parisians do a lot of sport or rather little?

Many people do sports, but the majority of Parisians sits most of the day. The technology of our modern world - computers, smartphones, cars - also does its part. Last but not least, the physical and mental health of many people is deteriorating because of the current situation. But a worldwide immense factor, and I am not telling anything new, is the nutrition, which is often too sweet, fatty, salty and in general too rich.

Speaking of exercise: Many of my clients are new to Paris and need to find their way around. Where could they go to do sports? Are there any sports fields or parks that you think are particularly suitable?

For example, the Bois de Boulogne or Bois de Vincennes are perfect for a physical activity such as running, walking, cycling or badminton. Many joggers can also be found on the banks of the Seine, both in Paris and in the suburbs.

To explore suitable and completely new routes, you can use  Visorando, for example, which highlights various routes in and around Paris, where you can also pass by interesting sights at the same time.

A lot of restrictions will be loosened soon, but in order to do indoor sports, e.g. boxing or swimming, you need a doctor´s certificate stating that you should do sports for certain reasons. Via Psylib, for example, it is possible to get a certificate without going to the doctor. Normal consultation hours, on the other hand, can be booked simply via  Doctolib.

Jérôme, thank you very much for the informative conversation!


If you would like more information about sports centres in Paris or if you are looking for a specialist, I will be very happy to find out all the necessary information and put you in touch!